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This web page was created to provide an information exchange mechanism for BSA A10 Super Rocket owners. Most of the information on this webpage is based on: BSA Super Rocket sales brochures and literature, tips from other A10 Super Rocket owners on a British internet motorcycle discussion group [Brit-Iron or], and on lessons learned during the actual disassembly and rebuilding of an A10 Super Rocket. 

This webpage serves as a supplement to existing A10 information sources and addresses weaknesses in the most popular BSA literature (i.e., Haynes manuals, Roy Bacon books, Chiltons manuals, etc.). This webpage is not intended to address full BSA restoration details already documented sufficiently in the literature. Even though most of the information in this webpage is specific to the Super Rockets, some of the information could be useful to other A10 model owners. 

This site has some coverage of other model A10s and A7s (especially in the photos section). I have even included even more information on Spitfire Scramblers (especially the A10 goldstar Spitfire Scrambler). You will also find information on Golden Flashes, Road Rockets, Royal Tourists, Super Flashes and other A10s. 


Super Rocket yearly model changes

USA versus UK Super Rockets

Eastern vs Western USA A10SRs

Modern improvements to BSA A10 parts

Period BSA A10 accessories-Scans of an original BSA Accessory Catalog from 1958

BSA paint color codes

BSA trading post-Dec 2001 repaired submission problem with on line ad form

BSA related links

Listing of BSA Factory Service Sheets

Fabrication of A10 tools

The BSA A10 Goldstar Spitfire Scrambler - hard to find information on a rare model of an A10 (also known as Rocket Goldstar Scrambler).


BSA photographs most frequently updated section of the whole website

A10 model identification

A10SR Technical Tips

BSA preunit twin gauge numbers table listing the Smiths chronometric speedometer and tachometer gauge numbers.

BSA and British Rim & Tire information Guidance table which shows the relationship between the british (e.g. Dunlop) rim sizes and what sized tires will fit on each size of rim.

1957, the YEAR the SUPER Rocket was introduced A page clarifying a fact not well covered in literature.

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BSA parts interchange list
Carb listing for each year Super Rocket


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