My 1959 A10 Super Rocket Restoration Project

This page shows my progress on one of my A10 Super Rocket Restorations. The process has been slow but I am moving along.

Above is a shot of my A10 when I first got it (you can see our '57 Chevy in the background). The front fender and rear tail lamp appear to be off a japanese bike, the rear fender is correct. Rear shocks are incorrect. The instruments are later model A65 type. Missing was the headlamp, fully enclosed chainguard, tail lamp, and side stand. If any of you have photo's of another 1959 A10, please let me know at danielboss at

Above is a shot of my correct 4-gallon A10 tank with round tank badges before rechroming and repair. Note the two large dents (one of which was partially filled with lead).

The step pictured above was taken during bike dismantlement, for which I took control of a bedroom from my wife. Once fully broken down, we (the bike and I) had to move to the basement [:{]

This shot above was taken after the frame powder coating (went with gloss black even though the original was flat) and after repair and replating of the tank (done by Mike Partridge's sheet metal and chroming affiliates through Walridge Motors in Canada). Although not visible, I had also put back on the swing arm after going through the painful process of putting in new silent block bushings (the old ones had to be removed from the swing arm prior to powder coating).

This photos shows an original A10 seat which I purchased with worn out foam and torn covers. The seat was fitted with new foam and recovered at Bob's Seat Covers in Florida and mailed back to me. Also note the headlamp ears (repaired with some welding done and replated, and replated handlebar clamps. Also has US style handlebars on it and a completely redone headlamp. Although not visible, the steering system is converted from ball bearings to roller bearings. Also used stainless steel pivot pin and tube on centerstand.

This picture illustrates fenders and stays made by SRM in England. I sent SRM 1959 BSA A10 sales brochures plus a color factory 1959 BSA postcard of a 1959 BSA with Sports fenders and they reproduced the fender and stays based on this information. They made a batch of 40 of these fenders at once in case any other readers out there are interested! If you look carefully, you will also see my stainless steel carb drip shield.

This picture illustrates a recent paint job on my tank by a local BSA buddy Ron Bussey. It was a high quality paint job color matched to the post card picture I mentioned in the last paragraph. Decal supplied by Accessory Mart. The blue is a little too light due to color matching to a photo but still somewhat close to the correct Sapphire Blue. Gold striping was hand done but is difficult to see in this photo. Gold was color matched to the gold on the rocket decal. I have the paint codes used for this paint job should anyone be interested.

Painting is in progress for a rear tail lamp (acquired through posting a want ad on Morgan's BSA bulletin board), tool box, and oil tank. Watch this space for more photos soon.

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