Mike Selvey's former 1959/1961 A10 Super Rocket

Mike Selvey's bike was a 1959 BSA frame with a 1961 Super Rocket motor. It was titled as a 1959. Mike has since parted with the A10 but still had the old photos!

Story behind Mike's former bike The previous owner had just got done paying for a complete engine rebuild, cases up. He took it out for about ten miles, then his generator burned up. Completely disgusted, and emotionally irrational, he sold it to Mike for peanuts.

Mike spent the next two years trying to run down original parts for it. Got lucky with the rear fender, found a private individual in Galveston who had a new one still in the bag. Mike had to buy a complete second bike in order to get the nacelle, speedo and generator. Mike went thru three different tanks, before ending up with the one in Pictured, which he believes came from an A50 Cyclone, with a 4" Goldstar badge. Other non-standard parts are the Burgess-clone mufflers (sounded REAL nice!)and the TLS front wheel and brake from a later A65 (decided he would like to STOP, once in awhile!).

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