Steve Arthur's 1957 BSA A10 Golden Flash

The bike is a 1957 golden Flash, it was found in a garage with some of the roof missing, the clutch was in a bucket that was full of water! ! Steve's friend paid $40 for the bike minus the front end, tank seat ,top end of the engine and numerous other bits and pieces. He had it for 2 years and by 1980 he hadn't started to do anything with it, they were having a drink in a pub and Steve said "I'll buy you 2 beers for the pile of BSA parts in your garage" to his surprise he said "O.K. but I want a ride on it when you finish restoring it" So the BSA was his for 2 beers! Two years later he rang him up and said " time for a ride on the BSA". It was ridden daily for many years and has let him down only once when the magneto armature broke on a run. Steve is a Sydney Australia member of The BSA Club of New South Wales.

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